As the link suggests, welcome to JustOtherEngineer’s life.

This site is all about sharing stuff that I can’t share otherwise. I’m glad you landed here, it will be a fun journey believe me!

The right moment to start something is when you are really into it

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Too many things to focus on

Hey! I just read “The reality is nothing but vibrational interpretation. The type of vibrations you transmit, you will receive similar ones”. Sending good vibes­čî╝ So recently I have been focusing on a lot. Is it tiring? No, not at all. ‘Cause I’m finally doing things I love. Basically I’m taking my life to theContinue reading “Too many things to focus on”

Let’s bake Lazy Cookies

Hey y’all! What do you do when you are low and yourself have to change your mood? I bake cookies! Almost everytime. You may ask what is “Lazy cookie”. Well for people like me who are too lazy to do measurement baking. The thought of measuring each ingredient, then adding is damn tiring. So here’sContinue reading “Let’s bake Lazy Cookies”

Regret of keeping shut

I feel if I would’ve been born in the United States or somewhere else where speaking up and showing emotions wasn’t this hard, life would’ve been easier. Note: This is a emotional/ blabbering philosophy post. Letting you know before hand. Guys what do you do when you feel stuck? When you can’t decide? I haveContinue reading “Regret of keeping shut”

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