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This site is all about sharing stuff that I can’t share otherwise. I’m glad you landed here, it will be a fun journey believe me!

The right moment to start something is when you are really into it

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it’s funny how

Are schools and colleges merely for education or is there more? I believe, apart from education, those years and experiences plant a seed in our heads. With each passing year those seeds grow and we have a created a garden of GOALS in our head that we want to fulfill. Some of those plants might…

Can you make it better?

LIFE seems like a joke. Everytime, every event, every moment you keep thinking how it could’ve been better. I just had a huge milestone, a wedding of a close one, and now that it’s over, all I can think about is how I could’ve said xyz, danced on that xyz song, decorated xyz way. All…

Tis that time of the year

Hey y’all! The year is ending, though it was not great for the blog, it was kinda okay for my life. I love how there’s light and hope everywhere around the world in this season. Whatever problems you face daily, the troubles that drown you down, they’re all kept aside, or alteast we try to…

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