As the link suggests, welcome to JustOtherEngineer’s life.

This site is all about sharing stuff that I can’t share otherwise. I’m glad you landed here, it will be a fun journey believe me!

The right moment to start something is when you are really into it

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Multi-tasking pros and cons

Have you experienced multi tasking? A period in life where you had to handle multiple phases equally important for you at the same time. I’m going to mention some pros and cons that I personally came accross during this phase. Pros: The experience is just amazing. Being someone who doesn’t like to sit ideal forContinue reading “Multi-tasking pros and cons”

Am I a bit*h?

Do you have this constant feeling like “Now what did I do that she/he hates me”? Hello beautiful souls out there. Do you ever imagine who is the person behind these words that you read? What am I like? Based on my words and stories can you judge what kind of a person I wouldContinue reading “Am I a bit*h?”

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