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Change is Scary!!

Hey. So here’s a dull, boring and some-stupid-reason-to-write article. (Out of the topic question: What’s the difference between a blog and an article like is it even of the same genre?) The main point of the blog/article (see what I did there 😉 ) is that I’m shit scared! There’s this huge change happening andContinue reading “Change is Scary!!”

Beauty of People

Hey fellas. We’re settled to the new city and here’s what I want you guys to know. *I’m loving it.* All I want to show is the beauty that lies within people. Here’s a list why: So at work, I’m sharing desk with a person Every. Single.Day. And there are other desks! But at aContinue reading “Beauty of People”

Growing or Declining?

Heyo. Been a long time since the last rant I know, that’s why this question came up. I’ve seen a steep decline in my views/growth as compared to last year’s and one of the reason is I’m not that active like before. I used to rant once or twice a week during this period lastContinue reading “Growing or Declining?”

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