Procrastination in pandemic

I think majority of the human beings, procrastinate. Are you the one who has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO but you still procrastinate for the things you WANT TO DO?

For example, if painting brings you peace, every day you keep giving excuse that you have work to do even though your heart wants to paint. Then one day when you have no work at all, you still procrastinate to paint. And that goes on for days or months. That’s the highest level.

I have been wanting to create Macrame (if you don’t know what that is, I have written a blog on that, here ) or paint and I have lots of time on my hand. But I just can’t. You guys who are facing the same problem, have you figured out the root cause yet?

I think we lack motivation or just positive vibes. There’s so much going around the world and that affects our mind in one way or other. We have been hearing so much during this pandemic that “Do something you love, to stay positive”. But “We need positive vibes to do something that we love”.

What a paradox!

I’d appreciate any suggestions to solve this paradoxical situation.

Until then stay safe and stay positive (NOT COVID). Had to mention that just in case😄

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