Basic Tee to Trendy Crop Top

Hey there! You opened the blog after reading the title, that means you are interested in DIYs or reusing your clothes. I encourage you to do this small DIY and I guarantee it will turn out great.

We tend to have some clothes that have some stain or we just don't like the plain style of it anymore. So here's a way to recycle them. It won't be much of hassle trust me(I'm also very lazy).

Step 1: Take any tshirt or shirt or top (plain recommended).

Step 2: Cut it to the length you prefer or don’t if you want to keep the same length. Additionally, I have folded the sleeves to make it look like “Muscle Tee”.

Cut the tee according to my crop top length

Step 3: Take small portions randomly, twist them a little and secure them with a rubber band.

Randomly twisted and secured 5 spots

Step 4: Use fabric whitener (for black/dark colored tee) or fabric dye (for light colored tee). Pour it on these secured spots and rest it for 30-60 minutes depending on the product you are using.

After 10 mins, it looks like this.

Step 5: Remove the rubber bands and wash it off.

Final Result

Secret confession:

>> It actually didn’t turn out as I wanted it to. But it’s okay. Let’s keep it a secret between you guys and me🀫. When I’ll wear this outside no one is going to suspect anything. It’ll be a patterned crop top for them.

>> The reason was The Fabric. It also depends on the fabric, because the same procedure turned pretty well for other clothes.

Similar to this DIY, I recycled/ recreated some of my other boring tees.

Exact same procedure followed for this one
A big twirlled spot with fabric whitener
Transformation of plain white to pink stripped using dye

Tell me if you found these pictures helpful. Also if you do try this, please share the pictures. I would loveee to see them.

Pro Tip: You can try the same on bottoms/jeans also.

If you need video tutorials for any of these, comment down. I’ll find and attach youtube links for the same.

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