Do you pretend? Pretend to be someone you are not. Pretend to be someone who your surrounding likes. Pretend to not care about things that matter to you. And many more pretends.

The answer would be Yes for everyone. Because in one way or other everyone pretends. Our society our surrounding has been pretending since ages. Even if we want to stop, that force pulls us back.

One day you think that you don’t want to pretend anymore. You don’t want to keep it inside you anymore. You want to take it out. Can you? When I think of taking such a big step, just as I proceed towards that step, I experience exactly what I was running from. And that shouts ABORT ABORT.

We are neither happy pretending nor happy being our own self. Does this happen to everyone? What if the person before whom you are pretending, he/she is also pretending? Well it’s as unbelievable as fairy tales, I know. But such paradoxical thoughts gives strength in some way.

Are you willing to stop pretending whatever your situation is? If Yes, that’s great. That’s a very good start. If No, hang in there. You are not wrong. We respect that you have your own reasons.

If you want to drop any suggestions and want to be anonymous at the same time, drop an email on I would feel heavenly if I got any suggestions from you guys about the blogs. 

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