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Hey Readers!

How’s the weather at your place? A little reminder to look around and feel the nature.

In today's time what is photography actually? Everyone has a high dimensional camera mobile phone, everyone is clicking pictures of the nature, of potential models and just about everything. 

I know most people are just clicking pictures as a part of hobby. I am also one of them. I’ll drop some of my clicks just to make this post look appealing😜. I think us, the hobby photographers shouldn’t be called photographers at all, there should be some other term.

By the way I have noticed a looottttt like a huge lot of IT and Computer geeks are in this hobby photography thing, do you think so?

I know! All my pictures have sun, I just love it❤️

So what are the professional photographers doing? They have better equipments, is that the only difference? Nowadays everyone is doing timer photoshoots by themselves or getting help from someone. That is dangerous for the professional photographers. What does the future hold for them?

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