Regret of keeping shut

I feel if I would’ve been born in the United States or somewhere else where speaking up and showing emotions wasn’t this hard, life would’ve been easier.

Note: This is a emotional/ blabbering philosophy post. Letting you know before hand. 

Guys what do you do when you feel stuck? When you can’t decide? I have been regretting some things from the past 1.5 year and I just can’t get over it. I tried meditation, reading self help books, self love and what not! Still the feeling of regret creeps in. The regret of not being able to make everything right.

I have always been taught to make everything alright around me, involving me, because of me. And this time I couldn’t. I tried but failed and again tried and failed. Later I accepted that this is fate and I should move on. Am I back at square-one?

What is the solution of such unanswered questions, such troubling thoughts, this feeling of being back at square-one? I can’t decide. Moving on is great but isn’t it temporary? Do you actually MOVE-ON and never get low from these thoughts? If yes after how much period?

Blabbering shit here isn’t gonna be the solution, I know. But I’d rather write it down than speak about it.

You don’t have to answer any questions if you don’t want to. Thank you for tolerating 🙂

One thought on “Regret of keeping shut

  1. You cannot always make things right. Just go with the flow and work hard in the present for a pleasant future. The way you write i feel you’ll achieve great success in life. Cheers.


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