Am I a bit*h?

Do you have this constant feeling like “Now what did I do that she/he hates me”? Hello beautiful souls out there. Do you ever imagine who is the person behind these words that you read?

What am I like? Based on my words and stories can you judge what kind of a person I would be!

Let me tell you; I'm a bitch or I feel like one in other's perspective! You might know such people that have a resting bitch face, I'm one of those! Even when I'm am in a normal mood people find me "unfriendly". And they're right, I need to be in a "friendly" mood to talk to people. Otherwise I'm the silent kid in school who wants to be with the cool kids but rather becomes the weird unfriendly kid. 

I can’t socialize all the time man! I don’t hate you or I’m not a bitch, I just have this sort of a disability where I can only socialize twice a week (with prior notice).

I can’t go and tell each and everyone this, because they’ll be like “Get over yourself. You can change if you want to”. Well hey, I tried many times, so no, now I have gotten comfortable with myself.

But hey I’m nicer in texts/written communication 😉

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