Multi-tasking pros and cons

Have you experienced multi tasking? A period in life where you had to handle multiple phases equally important for you at the same time.

I’m going to mention some pros and cons that I personally came accross during this phase.


  • The experience is just amazing. Being someone who doesn’t like to sit ideal for long, multi-tasking really makes me happy.
  • The whole day you jump from one phase to other and so at night when you go to bed exhausted, that accomplishment feeling is wonderful.


  • The biggest con that I have experienced is if one phase goes down, all the others are affected. If one thing gets heavier, it gets difficult to maintain balance for the others.
  • There is no time left for friends or family. Slowly they move away from you if they don’t understand your situation.
  • You get no rest and your mind feels tired even in the day.
I know the cons have negative impact on your life, but what if you have to do it? You don't have any option out of it? 

Life goes on. This is the real test for your near ones to see who stays by your side and who leaves. The struggle will one day result into something beautiful and you’ll be grateful for that.

Struggling today for a stronger and wiser tomorrow!!

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