Can an artist pursue one art?

Hello beautiful people. How’s it going?

Have you been at a place where you don’t want to pursue just one art? Art is such a wide world and many of us who consider themselves artist have the skills of more than one kind of art.

So how can you choose between such a wide variety? I mean I know that we pursue what we’re best at. But let’s consider I’m into crafty things now there are wide range of options in that too. I can choose sketching, DIY, resin, macrame, crochet, clay, pottery and a lot more.

Currently as I have chosen macrame I'm missing out on others. I want to learn and explore all the art kinds out there. 

Also should we have a community where we share our knowledge about a particular artwork to others interested and vice-versa?

2 thoughts on “Can an artist pursue one art?

  1. I think it’s important to have more than one creative endeavor to engage it, especially if writing is one of them. Writing is mostly a mental process so playing music or creating art in a physical way is a great thing. I don’t think you have limit yourself to just one either. That can get boring right?

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