I tried

Hey people! How is the weather at your place? It’s really depressing here.

Remember in the last article I wrote that I will read books and write reviews here for a change. Well, I TRIED! I started a book named “First Frost”. But I couldn’t complete it even after 2-3 weeks.

I had a lot on my plate and more on my mind. Also I was under the weather so my hands were full.

How do you keep up with reading/completing a book? I have started so many books but left them halfway. It seems challenging to actually keep reading, to let the story build up, to have that patience.

Can we just end this?

Dang! I know I have written so many uplifting blogs all about how motivated I am and how exciting it is to be tired at the end of the day, but excuse me!!

Now the water is going over the head, I didn’t want this to be EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY! How long am I supposed to just let days and weeks go by? How long am i supposed to just sleep and wakeup everyday? Is there anything meaningful happening?

Ain’t you in a constant denial that your life isn’t what you wanted it to be? I know I’m EXHAUSTED too fighting myself every day that this is good, that this will lead to better roads, that this is the beginning of the main goal.

Okay, also I am also bored of writing my rants here. Why is it all about me? That’s an acquired taste. Instead I’ll write a summary about a book that I read. This will encourage me to read more books and will give some content to this blog. What’s say?

Is being lazy a sign of irresponsibility?

Hola humans! I’m having a dull day so can’t tell you guys to have a great day 😐

So here’s the thing, do you feel lazy most of the time? Procrastinating for performing any tasks and being aggressive when questioned about the task! Isn’t all of this a sign of irresponsibility?

You’re assigned a particular task, beneficial for you, and you don’t feel the responsibility to complete the task, instead tend to be lazy and blame mental health. Is it just laziness? Or something bigger than that?

I know everyone has dull days, lazy days where we don't feel like moving out of bed, but having multiple of those in a row seems just irresponsibility. Mental health is in your own control and lying on the bed whole day is going to detain it not improve it. 

If it’s just a day, take the day off. But even then don’t just lay in bed whole day instead do something fun, something interesting. For instance on days like this I spend all my time with plants, cooking and music.

Can an artist pursue one art?

Hello beautiful people. How’s it going?


Have you been at a place where you don’t want to pursue just one art? Art is such a wide world and many of us who consider themselves artist have the skills of more than one kind of art.

So how can you choose between such a wide variety? I mean I know that we pursue what we’re best at. But let’s consider I’m into crafty things now there are wide range of options in that too. I can choose sketching, DIY, resin, macrame, crochet, clay, pottery and a lot more.

Currently as I have chosen macrame I'm missing out on others. I want to learn and explore all the art kinds out there. 

Also should we have a community where we share our knowledge about a particular artwork to others interested and vice-versa?

Multi-tasking pros and cons

Have you experienced multi tasking? A period in life where you had to handle multiple phases equally important for you at the same time.

I’m going to mention some pros and cons that I personally came accross during this phase.


  • The experience is just amazing. Being someone who doesn’t like to sit ideal for long, multi-tasking really makes me happy.
  • The whole day you jump from one phase to other and so at night when you go to bed exhausted, that accomplishment feeling is wonderful.


  • The biggest con that I have experienced is if one phase goes down, all the others are affected. If one thing gets heavier, it gets difficult to maintain balance for the others.
  • There is no time left for friends or family. Slowly they move away from you if they don’t understand your situation.
  • You get no rest and your mind feels tired even in the day.
I know the cons have negative impact on your life, but what if you have to do it? You don't have any option out of it? 

Life goes on. This is the real test for your near ones to see who stays by your side and who leaves. The struggle will one day result into something beautiful and you’ll be grateful for that.

Struggling today for a stronger and wiser tomorrow!!

Am I a bit*h?

Do you have this constant feeling like “Now what did I do that she/he hates me”? Hello beautiful souls out there. Do you ever imagine who is the person behind these words that you read?

What am I like? Based on my words and stories can you judge what kind of a person I would be!

Let me tell you; I'm a bitch or I feel like one in other's perspective! You might know such people that have a resting bitch face, I'm one of those! Even when I'm am in a normal mood people find me "unfriendly". And they're right, I need to be in a "friendly" mood to talk to people. Otherwise I'm the silent kid in school who wants to be with the cool kids but rather becomes the weird unfriendly kid. 

I can’t socialize all the time man! I don’t hate you or I’m not a bitch, I just have this sort of a disability where I can only socialize twice a week (with prior notice).

I can’t go and tell each and everyone this, because they’ll be like “Get over yourself. You can change if you want to”. Well hey, I tried many times, so no, now I have gotten comfortable with myself.

But hey I’m nicer in texts/written communication 😉

Comfortable with new beginnings?

Be it a new place to live or a new workplace, are you comfortable with the idea of moving? The feeling of leaving the already settled place, leaving your friends and moving to a new place with completely new faces!

Hello beings, greetings for your day. I have moved to a new place today. It is my dream city (let's say first dream milestone). And it feels just right! It's a new place and I have moved in a temporary place right now with completely new faces. 

I can feel the release of endorphins. The happiness of a new place, of new beginnings. Though these are completely new faces, I’m comfortable. I’m not that extroverted so haven’t interacted with anyone yet. More likely looking forward to a journey containing such adrenaline rush everyday.

A happppyy blog for y’all❣️

Fear of missing out

You might have heard of this word FOMO, fear of missing out. Hello 👋. I have a question for you, are you happy right now in the moment?

We all know even though social media has its pros but there are cons too.  Our mental health is highly affected and one of the reason is Fear of Missing Out. 

Someone out there is going to trek or a beach or working from mountains and even though you were content with your situation, suddenly you want to do all that too. You feel the urge to do stuff that others are doing and post it on social media so everyone knows you are cool.

Believe me I was there too. I still might be. But I’ve made peace with my situation, I’ll go when I have the opportunity but currently I have to be happy. This fear makes us do things out of our reach.

If others are doing something doesn’t mean you have to do it too. (I’m kinda talking to myself here. Yup I need to take my own advice.) Okay I think, let’s get there together? Let’s get rid of this fear one step at a time?

Thank you for reading. Do leave your answers below❤️

Macrame update

Hey lovelies. It’s been a while since I updated you regarding my small business that I started short time back.

Here you go. Click on the image to see product details.

Baguette Macrame
Facile Macrame
Plant hanger Macrame
Macrame Baby Hair Clip
Vibrant Brew Macrame

With working a 9-5 job, I’m managing this business and keeping my mind from blasting😂.

Which one do you like the most?

All-in-one Friend

Hey peeps! Happy Friendship Day (in India). What kind of friends do you have?

Do you believe in friends that are friends in everything? I mean to say for visiting the park, for a coffee date, for late night talks, for crazy experiences, etc do you have a single friend or a group of friends with whom you can do anything and everything?

Recently I have learned that for various activities we have different people/friends. I used to expect a single friend to go to coffee dates with me and do crazy activities and have deep talks with and experience new food dishes with me. But I have realised that was wrong!

How can you expect an individual to have exactly the same interests as you? You must have a separate person to do different kinds of activities. Otherwise that individual suffers from the pressure of being with you all the time.

Maybe because of this behaviour of mine, I have lost many friends. I was expected a lot from them but turns out friendship is 30% about expectations and 70% about understanding. The resonance between friends matches when both try to listen and see what the other person wants.

I aspire to be a better friend and cherish friends for life ❤️.

Thank you. Ciao✴️

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