Can an artist pursue one art?

Hello beautiful people. How’s it going? Have you been at a place where you don’t want to pursue just one art? Art is such a wide world and many of us who consider themselves artist have the skills of more than one kind of art. So how can you choose between such a wide variety?Continue reading “Can an artist pursue one art?”

Too many things to focus on

Hey! I just read “The reality is nothing but vibrational interpretation. The type of vibrations you transmit, you will receive similar ones”. Sending good vibes­čî╝ So recently I have been focusing on a lot. Is it tiring? No, not at all. ‘Cause I’m finally doing things I love. Basically I’m taking my life to theContinue reading “Too many things to focus on”

Basic Tee to Trendy Crop Top

Hey there! You opened the blog after reading the title, that means you are interested in DIYs or reusing your clothes. I encourage you to do this small DIY and I guarantee it will turn out great. We tend to have some clothes that have some stain or we just don’t like the plain styleContinue reading “Basic Tee to Trendy Crop Top”

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